Dahlia 2018, ©Laurel Prucha Moran, watercolor

Dahlia 2018, ©Laurel Prucha Moran, watercolor



Print design is my forté. I love immersing myself in designing a large magazine or complicated brochure. In addition to finding resonating photos or illustrations, I enjoy creating graphs and charts to clarify the text because a well-placed visual can not only break up large chunks of type, but elevate legibility. 

I work with associations and organizations of all sizes: from small associations that do not need a full-time graphic designer to large organizations where I work on specific, one-off projects. 

I have a degree in International Studies from American University and worked on NAFTA for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative upon graduating. I quickly realized that I had made a mistake and happily found my way fairly quickly to graphic design.

To relax, I take classes at the Torpedo Factory Art League and paint, primarily watercolor but I've ventured into oil and enjoy the rich texture from building up layers. I love the process and am fascinated with how artists plan and execute their pieces.

Laurel Prucha Moran